One of the most important components of your car is the air filter – let’s face it, all the components of your car matter but hey! It performs dual functions: keeps the air circulating in your engine and keeps the air in your car’s cabin (passenger compartment) properly aerated and clean.

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Before spring, comes winter. During winter, particles and dirt plus salty content fly around in the air and contaminate the quality of your car’s air filter therefore when winter makes way for spring, it is best to change your air filter and let the contaminants go.

The regular idea is to do an air filter change once your mileage hits 12,000-15,000 miles but post-winter, it is best to ignore the regular idea and do these air filter checks more often than regular.

Why You Should Change Your Air Filter This Spring

Good For Your Car, Good For You!

Good air is not just good for your car but it is good for your lungs and comfort too. An uncompromised air filter helps keep away dirty and contaminated air but if your filter is not clean, it lets in contaminated air which circulates in your car’s cabin and ultimately, affects you especially when you wind up.

Good For Your Engine

For all the horsepower it emits and all the different components of a car that it carries, your car’s engine needs to breathe. Let it.

Your engine is self-similar to your brain; without good air, it becomes difficult to think and to function. For your engine to not be dysfunctional, the air filter has to be clean!

Saves Cost

Maintaining a car costs money. There is oil to change, tire pressure to worry about and inflate/deflate, cabin to frequently wash and clean, seats to often change, et al. And the costs quickly add up.

When air filters are not changed as should and they are left unclean after accumulating dust and debris during winter, spring could likely come with large-scale maintenance expenses that would have been avoided if you had replaced your air filters as soon as possible.

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